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Welcome To St. Vincent School

Welcome to St. Vincent School

150 W. Redwood Ave.
Thunder Bay, ON P7C 1Z6
Phone:  (807) 577-3823

Fax (807) 577-9511

Principal:  Mrs. A. Provenzano


Secretary: Mrs. R. Daniar

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February’s Virtue is Honesty

A Short Man
A Reading from Luke Ch19, Versus 1-10.
People crowded the streets to see Jesus. Zacchaeus wanted to see,
too, but he was too short. So he climbed up a tree.
As Jesus was passing by, he looked up and said, “Zacchaeus, come
down. I want to go to your house.” Zacchaeus scrambled down the
Zacchaeus was a tax collector. His job was to get the tax money
from the people and give it to the king. Nobody liked him. He was
surprised but happy that Jesus wanted to come to his house!
A crowd of people stood outside the house. They grumbled, “Why is
Jesus in there?”
Zacchaeus told Jesus, “I will give money to the poor. And I will pay
back anyone I have cheated. In fact, I will give them back more
money than I took.” Jesus was
happy that Zacchaus was going
to make things right.