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Separate School Support

Importance Of Declaring Support for Separate Schools

The following article was excerpted from the June 30, 2000 edition of the Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association (OCSTA)publication "The Catholic Trustee News Notes".

Catholic ratepayers, including parents, should continue to declare themselves as separate school supporters in order to ensure that the Province has a record of their support for the Catholic school system. Catholic ratepayers must also declare themselves to be Catholic and separate school electors in order to cast a vote in the election of separate school trustees in municipal elections.

Under the new funding formula, the size of a school board's assessment base no longer determines the amount of the board's funding. However, the assessment base still serves several important functions.

1) It is a public record of the breadth of support for Catholic schools

2) It is used to determine the number of trustees to be elected to each board to represent the interests of parents and other ratepayers

3) It supports boards' population projections, which affect funding for new pupil places

4) Should authority to tax be returned to local school boards in future, a complete assessment base will be critical

Those who wish to support our Catholic schools check your property tax bill, or with your landlord, to ensure you are registered as a separate school supporter. If not, they should contact their local school or board office for help securing and completing the necessary forms.


Please remember that your tax support DOES NOT automatically follow if you relocate

Each and every time you move, it is essential that you re-declare yourself as a Catholic school supporter

For assistance, please call 625-1555.

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