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Dilico ABTU

Dilico Assessment and Brief Treatment Unit (ABTU) Dilico is an organization dedicated to providing mental health services to children of native ancestry. Assessment Brief Treatment Unit is a six bed residential facility for youth in crisis which has been in existence since 1992 and licensed under the jurisdiction of Dilico Ojibway Child and Family Services Act (Robinson Treaty). Students spend most of their time in therapy.


The Unit provides individual Plans of Care, for children between ages five and sixteen years, who are considered high risk to self or others or brief respite to families and include a comprehensive assessment using a multi-disciplinary team. The team may include an Agency Nurse, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychometrist, Play Therapist, Teacher, Aboriginal Resource People, Elders, Medical Consultants, Unit Staff and any other community resources available.


Program The Unit offers an educational component in the residence conducted in a classroom by a (0.5) F.T.E. Board teacher for 3 hours per day . Education and educational assessments are provided with recommendations for the child and family. The teacher helps facilitate for transition and/or integration back into community schools.


Referrals are accepted from community workers and agencies, schools, physicians, clients and other professionals and are accepted for issues such as: * alcohol/drugs/solvent abuse * physical abuse * sexual abuse * emotional abuse * neglect * attempted suicide * family violence * grief issues * aggressive behaviour Each assessment is reviewed at a 30-Day Plan of Care Conference and recommendations are offered to the clients and their families. These may include referrals to internal resources/programs, external resources or an extended stay of 120 day.



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