St. Patrick High School Graduation Newsletter

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Catholic Diocese of Thunder Bay Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay Roots of Empathy City of Thunder Bay

School Prayer

Creator God, we ask for peace, love and wisdom to guide us through this day. Grant us your eyes to see the way, your ears to hear the truth, your words to speak kindly, your hands to give willingly, and your ways to lead us gently to your kingdom. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and through the prayers of our patron, St. Patrick.

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         Students must be in full uniform at all times, 
       black pants/shorts/skirts and crested tops.

    Math Help for Students

    1.  Student’s math teacher at
         lunch or other 

    2.  Free online
    one tutoring services
         for students in grades 9 and
         10 from 
         5:30- 9:30pm at

    3.  Watch for the
         Upward Bound Tutoring
         Free after school tutoring
         sessions for math students
         in grades 9-12 -- coming