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School Uniforms

The Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board proudly endorses a uniform policy for its high schools.
Students and parents can find all of their uniform needs at Sportop Marketing, 875 Tungsten Street
For their hours of operation and for more information please call them at 346-5400.
As outlined in the School Uniform Policy & Handbook, school uniforms will consist of black pants/skirts/walking shorts, and authorized crested tops. The black bottoms may be purchased at any vendor. The authorized crested tops may only be purchased at our approved vendor, Sportop Marketing.

Why uniforms?
  • develop a sense of belonging
  • safer school community

Who chose the uniform?
  • School Community Representatives:
    1. students
    2. parents
    3. teachers

What does the uniform look like?

Crested top purchased from our authorized supplier, chosen from the following:
  • white oxford-style shirt (short or long sleeves)
  • white oxford-style blouse
  • white golf-style shirt (short or long sleeves
  • classic T-shirt(short or long sleeves)
  • rib T-shirt (short or long sleeves)
  • Grey hooded sweatshirt (full zipper or pullover
  • fleece vest (worn over a white top)
  • V-neck sweater
  • zip pullover
  • sweatshirt

Non-crested uniform pieces from vendors of your choice, chosen from the following:
  • black pants
  • black skirts
  • black walking shorts
  • white tops for wear under crested uniform pieces

Section 700
School Administration
CROSS REFERENCE: School Uniform Handbook


1. 1.1 The Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board believes that wearing school uniforms develops a sense of belonging and community in our schools.

1.2 The Board believes that wearing school uniforms contributes to a safer school community because the students registered at the school can be readily identified.

1.3 The Board believes that school uniforms make a public statement which distinguishes the school as a Catholic school whose mission statement is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

1.4 In order to translate these beliefs into practice, school uniforms will be worn in each of the Board's secondary schools beginning September, 2000.

2. 2.1 School uniforms will consist of black pants/skirts/walking shorts and crested tops as outlined in the School Uniform Policy Handbook.

2.2 Footwear and ornamentation will be left to the personal taste and needs of the student, but must be kept within the spirit of the uniform.

3. 3.1 When a student registers in one of the Board's secondary schools, he/she accepts the uniform and its regulations. The Board expects compliance with the School Uniform Policy.

3.2 Students not wearing the school uniform will not be admitted to class.

3.3 In dealing with student non-compliance with the School Uniform Policy, the Board wishes to achieve the following goals:
  • to encourage the wearing of the school uniform as a means of building school community;
  • to contribute to a safer school community; and
  • to minimize the interruption caused by dealing with repeated school uniform violations

3.4 Students who do not conform to the School Uniform Policy shall be subject to sanctions for persistent opposition to authority, as outlined in the School Code of Behaviour and subject to the discretion of the Principal.

4. School Dress Down Days / Alternative Dress Days will be subject to the discretion of the Principal.

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