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School Profile


St. Ignatius High School successfully combines Christian values with academic excellence through a full range of programs from religious to academic, business, vocational and technological, as well as exciting athletic programs and comprehensive arts programs. 

Our Facilities 

Our school possesses state of the art technological resources and equipment and a variety of specialized teaching areas such as: 

  • Chapel
  • Comprehensive science labs
  • Computer labs
  • Custom-designed music room
  • Electronic media studios
  • Fully-equipped library
  • Nutrition Studies lab
  • Physical Education facilities
  • Student resource areas
  • Technology rooms (automotive, manufacturing, construction, drafting)
  • Theatre arts rooms and auditorium
 Our Services
  • Chaplain
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Guidance Counsellors
  • Social Worker
  • Aboriginal Counsellor
  • Attendance Counsellor
  • Student Support Persons 
  • Alternative Education (in school and off-campus)
  • Breakfast and Lunch Programs

Our Programs

While courses of study at St. Ignatius are distinct and reflect the Catholic faith dimension, they are consistent with the Ministry of Education secondary school curriculum. Specialized programs and services include:
  • Instrumental Music
  • Life Skills
  • Transitions  
  • Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
  • Reach Ahead Music
  • Reach Ahead Computers
  • Religious/Family Life Education
  • Specialist High Skills Major (Health, Fitness, Hospitality)

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