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The Virtue of January

The Good Samaritan

Jesus introduces the Samaritan as the caring person, after a priest and a Levite had refused to give the wounded man kindness or forgiveness!
The Samaritan traveler doesn't move over to the other side of the road, but when he sees the wounded man he takes pity on him.  The Samaritan acts with courage; he binds up the wounds of the injured man, perhaps with his own headcovering or by tearing strips from his garment. The Samaritan also pours on oil and wine as healing agents. Olive oil was widely used to keep skin smooth, to soften wounds, and to heal bruises and deep cuts. Wine, perhaps, was poured on for cleansing. Wine would have had some disinfectant properties.
The Samaritan's love of his neighbor proved costly. He used his own supplies to cleanse and soothe the man's wounds, his own clothing to bandage him, his own animal to carry him while the Samaritan himself walked, his own money to pay for his care, and his own reputation and credit to vouch for any further expenses the man's care would require. Love can be costly. But if we have the means to help, we are to have courage and reach out to others. The Apostle John taught, "If we are rich and see others in need, yet close our hearts against them, how can we claim that we love God?  My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action" (1 John 3:17-18).
There wasn't an emergency room where the Samaritan could take the man. Instead, he took him to a "motel" and cared for the man himself that night.  The next day the Samaritan pays the innkeeper to take care of the wounded man and the Samaritan promises to take care of any additional costs when he returns from his trip.  The Samaritan is generous, willing to provide "whatever he needs”.
Now Jesus punches home his point. He asks the lawyer which of the three proved to be a neighbor to the wounded man, and the lawyer is forced to reply, "The one who was kind to him."
The lawyer began by asking for a definition of "neighbour" in order to justify limiting his love to his fellow Jews only.

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    Today's outdoor Winter Activities are scheduled to run as planned!


    This is a reminder of the very important Commitment Ceremony taking place DURING the  7p.m. Mass at Corpus Christi this Sunday, for Confirmation candidates, parents and sponsors.  If you were not at Lesson 1 last Sunday to rehearse the Commitment Ceremony, please meet in the church hall at 6:30 p.m. and check your email as a copy was sent to you. 





    Bishop E.Q. Jennings would like to thank the Catholic School Council for putting on the presentation, Netiquette: Online Safety and Security which took place on April 9th. The Nerds on Site team offered an informative evening for parents and students. View the video under the Menu bar on the left entitled "Cyber Bullying Video" for a glimpse at the evenings information.

    Recycle Your Cans - Donate to the Community! 


    We have a wonderful, easy charity fundraiser that is ongoing at Bishop E.Q. Jennings!   As an EcoSchool, we are always looking for ways to help reduce our impact on the environment.  One way is to bring in your empty pop cans and place them in the RED recycling bin located beside the school in our parking lot.  ReCool will pick up the cans and pay us for the aluminum, which we then donate to local Charities.  This helps reduce Global warming and at the same time helps benefit our community. Thank-you for your anticipated support!

    Improved Parking Lot

    Parents: Please drive to the end of the school building to pick up or drop off students.  The main doors should only be used for parents or students arriving late or leaving for appointments/illness during the day. 


    Math Olympics Resource Package

    Click here to access sample questions and tasks for the Math Olympics