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Welcome To Bishop E.Q. Jennings School

Mike Filipetti, Principal
TBD, Vice-Principal
775 John St.
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 1Z7

September’s Virtue is


Good and gracious God,

We confess

as we sit here in your house,

a place where all are welcome,

that our lives are not as welcoming as we should be. 

We confess

that we do wish to love everyone

and we do try to love everyone

but it's just a whole lot easier

to love some people

compared to others. 

All giving, all inclusive, all loving God,

open our hearts

that we may see all people

as reflection of You their Creator.

In that, help us see that all people

look a whole lot like us. 

Open us up to that kind of inclusivity.

Teach us to love with hearts wide open.

Inspire us to live lives that include everyone...Equally.

Grow us to be a people who exclude

no one for any reason.

Not for the color of their skin,

their sex or sexual orientation,

the job they hold,

the religion they follow,

or the country in which they were born.

Teach us to always model your all inclusive love,

that is so wide open that it forgives us,

even when we don't include others.





- A Message from Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay -

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