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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Program

What is the Advanced Placement Program?

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a cooperative education endeavour between secondary schools and colleges and universities that allows bright, motivated senior high school students the opportunity to undertake college/university level academic learning while still in secondary school and to receive advanced placement, credit, or both from the thousands of colleges and universities that participate in the AP Program. The AP Program is open to all students wanting to pursue academic strengths in one area (i.e. student may be strong in math). The final exam is optional with a process in place at the school level regarding the recommendation on readiness to take the exam.

Why is AP so Valuable?

There are many benefits for students who take AP courses. They can study subjects of interest and challenge themselves with students who are similarly motivated. AP often helps steer students who are unsure about future plans toward college or advanced studies, and most colleges view any AP experience as a plus. This gives students a head start and increases their future options. AP prepares students for the future by giving them tools that will serve them well throughout their college/university career.

What does AP cost?

There is no cost to the student to participate in the Advanced Placement Program. At the end of the school year, the student participants who wish to write an AP exam will pay an administration fee to do so (currently set at $75. U.S.). By taking an AP exam you will be investing in yourself and your future. If you receive a qualifying grade on an AP exam, your $75 exam fee investment can translate into major savings. One college/university course can cost more than $250 and as much as $2700.

Why get involved with AP?

  • you'll study a subject in greater depth
  • you'll find out what you can really do
  • AP prepares you for university work
  • you'll improve your chances of getting into a competitive college or university
  • you'll get a head start
  • you'll increase your options
  • you'll improve your self-esteem
  • you may be eligible for a Scholar Award
  • you'll broaden your horizons

For further information on Advanced Placement contact:

Gayle Reguly, St. Patrick High School
621 S. Selkirk St., Thunder Bay, ON P7E 1T9
(807) 623-5218

Rob Murphy, St. Ignatius High School
285 Gibson Ave., Thunder Bay, ON P7A 2J6
(807) 344-8433

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