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JK and SK

Junior and Senior Kindergarten

"Let the little children come to me ... for it is to such as these that the reign of God belongs."
Luke 18:16

Admission Requirements:

Junior Kindergarten: Children must be four (4) years of age by December 31. Junior Kindergarten introduces the child to the world of learning through play experiences. For the very young child, all activity is play ... and from all play, children learn.

Senior Kindergarten: Children must be five (5) years of age by December 31. Senior Kindergarten, while still focusing on creativity and play activity, sees the beginning of a more structured program.

We offer full-day alternate day programs at all our elementary schools.

Our Pledge:

The Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board provides a quality Catholic education for your child based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, Catholic Christian values, and the programs of the Ministry of Education and Training.

Our pledge is to provide a safe, welcoming and stimulating child-centered environment, where your child will be educated to become a Christian who:

  • is a friend of Jesus
  • expresses ideas
  • is an imaginative and creative thinker
  • is responsible and independent
  • continues to learn
  • cooperates and contributes freely
  • is a living family member
  • works and plays in the community

From Home to School:

The first few years in school are very important steps in your child's life. To ensure that your child will make a happy and successful transition to school, we will:

  • provide a caring and qualified classroom teacher
  • provide a safe and welcoming environment
  • continue to enhance the development of your child's self-esteem
  • facilitate the building of community and the making of friends
  • provide the best possible Catholic education where your child will have
  • the opportunity to grow in faith, knowledge, skills, attitudes and values

Our Program:

The Kindergarten Program develops the whole child; physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and intellectually.

  • playing ~ inquiring ~ questioning
  • observing ~ experimenting ~ problem solving
  • exploring ~ creating ~ discovering ~ investigating

"The learning they do in Kindergarten provides the basics for the acquisition of literary skills (including technological and computer literacy) mathematics skills, and science skills, and prepares them for successful learning experiences in later grades."

- The Kindergarten Program -
Ministry of Education and Training


The aim of the Christian Living Program,
"In God's Image", is to develop a:

  • SENSE OF SELF: I am a "trace of God": worthy, precious, good and beautiful
  • SENSE OF COMMUNITY: I live with others: in family, Church, schools, and neighbourhood
  • SENSE OF GOD: I have been called into being and named by a Creator God that loves me unconditionally

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